Long Days.

Today is my hump day; the midpoint of my work week.  In typical fashion, stress is high, deadlines have come and gone, edits are still rolling in, and it’s been a really long day.  When this happens, as it usually does in the middle of every week, someone from my team will send out an inspirational (and often chuckle-inducing) email to lift our spirits.  In the past, these emails have included Miley Cyrus memes, commercials starring speaking camels, etc.  This week, my boss toned down the entertainment and instead, sent us a link to this video, accompanied by the following message:

I know this is really sappy, so don’t watch this until you have slowed down to appreciate it.  But I feel like this song is very appropriate.  You should listen to this song after you clock off tomorrow.  Have a happy holiday weekend, and thanks for all the support.  We have a pretty cool team…

Sometimes we keep a stiff upper lip and figure out how to deal, because we have no other choice.  Other times, we have to let ourselves break.  We are almost there!

I clearly do not follow directions, because I clicked on the link immediately.  What came next, I just had to share with you all.  Enjoy this reminder that long days don’t last forever — it’s only a day.