A Savory Love Affair.

A Savory Love Affair.At  the beginning of this month, I decided that I would only eat carbs on Sundays. (Disclaimer: By “carbs,” I mean bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc. You know, the obvious ones. I’m not that crazy.) That being said, when Sunday rolls around, I want something carb-loaded and delicious.

I scoured the internet for an Italian recipe because, well, why not? Thanks to Martha Stewart and Trader Joe’s, I ate this to-die-for meal last weekend.

Ingredients: Parmesan Gnocchi / Olive Oil / Yellow Onion / Italian Sausage / Garlic / Spinach / Salt & Pepper.

Directions: Cook gnocchi according to package directions. / Heat oil and cook onion in separate skillet. / Add crumbled sausage, and cook until brown. / Add garlic, spinach, salt & pepper. / Cook and stir until spinach wilts. / Add gnocchi. / Plate and enjoy!

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