Precious Moments.

Precious Moments.

Precious moments, besides being a collection of figurines that my great-grandmother gave me every year for my birthday, are some of the most wonderful things in life.  In this blog, I talk a lot about clothes, shoes, accessories, and home goods — things that can be collected, but are superficial.  While I will always love a well-put-together outfit, and I believe in the power of retail therapy, it’s important to talk about collecting moments, too.  Inevitably, I will eat too much vegetable lo mein, and I will no longer fit into the dress I’m wearing today.  Years from now when I have a baby, my fingers will get fat and the above-the-knuckle rings that are on-trend right now won’t even fit down my pinky.  When those things happen, I’ll still have my collection of moments.  And these are some of my favorites:

The way I measured my height according to buttons on Pap’s shirts. Going to Ocean City, Maryland every year over the 4th of July.  Decorating Charlie Brown Christmas trees at Granny’s every year.  Spending 10 days gallivanting through Amsterdam.  Getting accepted to my top choice college.  Piling in to the Rampage at the drive-ins.  Spending a week in Paris with my mom, aunt, and grandmother, stuffing our mouths with as much cheese and wine as we could.  The look on my brother’s face when he thought he only got coal for Christmas… and then when he realized his car was parked outside.  The way my brothers’ eyes grow big when I am able to come home from Pittsburgh and surprise them.  The way Memaw used to say “fat and sassy.”  Eating extra delicious homemade stuffing on Thanksgiving.  When I walked outside to help “carry in groceries,” and my first little lemon car was waiting in the driveway with a bow on it.  All the times my car has told me I have “0 miles to empty.”  Scoring during a field hockey game; placing in a track event.  My first time on a motorcycle.  Working at Children’s Hospital.  My first trip to St. Augustine.  Watching the sun rise from above the tree line of Longs Peak.

All of these moments (and so many more) comprise my most prized collection: moments, not things.  These moments will always fit, and they will always bring a huge smile to my face.

What moments have you collected?

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