Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster.

Sometimes, a girl just needs a cookie, and in my opinion, there is no better cookie than the classic chocolate chip.  Until you add a little more chocolate. Then, well, all is right in the world.

This past Monday, I had a day to myself. No work. No obligations. An empty house. (With 5 roommates, that never happens.) Ahhh. Bliss. So, I did the laundry, made the bed, vacuumed my bedroom, finished the grocery shopping, and sat down to watch some trashy television, exhausted from my day of productivity. And that’s when it kicked in: a serious craving for something sweet.

I found the perfect recipe for triple chocolate chip cookies. (Thanks Pinterest!) I raced to the kitchen and threw open the cabinet doors. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. We didn’t have corn starch. Or three different kinds of chocolate chips for that matter. But hidden in the corner of the cupboard was a bagged cookie mix. A bagged Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix! The cookie gods were clearly smiling down on me. All I needed was an egg and a stick of butter and I was on my way to crushing my craving for something sweet. But first, I had to wait an hour for the dough to chill. My impatience was running rampant, but I’ve learned over time that the best cookies are always a result of chilled dough. Always. When the hour was up, I threw the cookie sheet into the oven and waited 9 more agonizing minutes. DING! Done. Delicious. (My roommates must have agreed. When I got home last night, there was one lone ranger on the plate.)

What’s your favorite cookie recipe?

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