The Pittsburgh Food Diaries: Grill Master Edition.

I live with four men, and a woman who knows a lot more about stereotypically male things than I ever will. That means I am the only one in the house that doesn’t know how to operate a grill. That also means, however, that I have an incredibly deep appreciation for grilled cuisine.

Recently,  I have been dining in much more than usual, in an attempt to prepare for some potential upcoming life changes. (More to come on that later, I’m sure.) This new method of dining has been directly proportional to the increased amount of time I’ve spend browsing the Food & Drink page of Pinterest.

One warm, bright day last week, I had a craving for something new. I directed my friends to my Pinterest board of pre-selected mouth-watering recipes, and we chose the Buttermilk Rosemary Ranch Chicken Skewers. A wordy name for a primitive dish. On the way home from work, I picked up the necessary ingredients and our cooking adventure began. I crafted the marinade, and he, as Grill Master, handled the meat.

A short time later, we were relishing the savory flavor of the chicken, with a simple side of buttery noodles lightly seasoned with garlic.


Ingredients: chicken breast, buttermilk, extra virgin olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, ranch dressing mix, pepper, salt and rosemary.

Directions: Dice the chicken into cubes. Combine the remaining ingredients. Thread chicken onto skewers, and soak in marinade for 30 minutes. Remove from marinade, and pass off skewers to someone who knows how to grill. Then, enjoy. And thank me later.

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