To Give & To Get Him This Christmas.

Thanksgiving is now officially behind us, and the gift-giving season of Christmas is (acceptably) in full-swing. At home, our stockings have been hung, our tree has been decorated and gifts are already wrapped and waiting patiently under the tree for Christmas morning. I’m telling you – I love this stuff. Swoon.

Between my boyfriend, my dad and my three brothers, I’ve spent a lot of time this year searching for some quality manly/boyish gifts. More often than not, Google will offer up suggestions like “52 Reasons Why I Love You” books, cuff links, expensive shaving creams or bomber jackets. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I ever gave Skyler a “52 Reasons Why I Love You” book (or my dad or brothers, for that matter), it would be opened once (maybe) and then gather dust in a corner for the rest of our days. If it didn’t somehow end up in the trash can in a whirlwind of spring cleaning a few months down the road.

So, with that in mind, I rounded up a few of my favorites for the men in your life that are, well, normal, and don’t need a “goes-with-everything” tie or a tote bag for Christmas this year.

Untitled #15
  1. Beer Cap Map. First of all, I’ve always been a fan of interactive wall decor. Secondly, if he’s got a thing for beers from all over the place, this would be a super cool addition to his man cave and a visual representation of beers he’s enjoyed.
  2. ETip Gloves. Last year, Skyler found a new hobby, and I reinvigorated an old one: skiing. I remember riding up the ski lift one night when Skyler got a call from one of his friends. And the whole ordeal began: digging his phone out of his pocket, ripping off his gloves, handing them to me to hold (and hoping I wouldn’t drop them on the slope like I had dropped his ski pole earlier) and finally answering the call. Phew. In today’s society, we’re never without our phones, so this little tech-cessory is the perfect stocking stuffer to keep you connected at all times throughout the winter.
  3. A Dopp Kit. Okay, I’ll admit this made the list for more selfish reasons. I can’t imagine that Skyler would be super thrilled to open up a toiletry kit on Christmas morning, but with the amount of travel we’ve been doing lately, this handy little guy would help keep us organized while we’re on the go.
  4. HyperChiller. While this was originally created to cool your coffee quickly (like I said last week, the cold brew trend is here to stay), it can also be used to chill beer or spirits in one minute. Literally. Gone are the days of throwing a room temperature beer in the freezer and forgetting about it… until it explodes. (Guilty.)
  5. Mini Flip Cup. I’m a sucker for games, and I’m a sucker for small things. Enter: travel-size flip cup. Play anywhere you are – a tailgate, a picnic, the living room, etc.
  6. Velvet Santa Boxers. I’ve already told you – velvet is back and bigger than ever! And nothing quite says Christmas than these. (Note: I acknowledge that these are probably 0% practical/comfortable to actually wear, but come on… they’re velvet!)
  7. Socks. When I think of giving socks as a Christmas gift, I think of how many pairs my brother has received from my grandma over the years. But still, these are a little bit quirky and a must-have this year. (Note: I bought these for Skyler’s stocking this year. One day before they arrived in the mail, he sent me a picture and asked for them. Surprise ruiner.)
  8. Swiss Army Knife. As someone who feels like I am perpetually looking for the scissors/fingernail clippers/a screwdriver/etc., I love the idea of something this handy.
  9. Bluetooth Beanie. When I think of shoveling snow, I can imagine that it’s pretty cold and really boring.So, you might as well stay warm and entertained during the inevitable snow-filled mornings of winter. (Thanks in advance to my wonderful boyfriend who will be handling our driveway.)
  10. A Man Crate. I’ve been a huge fan of this concept for years! Man Crates pride themselves on being just that – manly. And quite literally a crate. No wrapping paper or bows or any of that girly stuff. From jerky to booze to sports to outdoors to personalized man-things, these are some of the coolest gifts I stumble upon each year.
  11. A Flannel. I’ve always loved flannel, especially in the winter. (I guess that’s obvious. You wouldn’t wear it in the summer.) In fact, I basically begged Skyler to buy one last week. I recommend the black watch plaid – it’s a personal favorite!
  12. A Decanter. Everybody loves a good whiskey, and every whiskey needs a good decanter. Make it personal with a manly monogram! (I know, I know. Manly monogram. But it’s true – some of them actually aren’t feminine.)

*Spoiler Alert: Hey Skyler/dad/Tyler, here’s a list of everything you’re getting this year! HA, just kidding. You guys are all getting “52 Reasons Why I Love You” books. Merry Christmas!

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