Must Love Corn.

Sports and I don’t really go hand in hand. In high school, I played field hockey and I really enjoyed it. But I was terrible. I also tried my hand at track and field, and even basketball (and gymnastics and figure skating) when I was young. Again, terrible.

Sports and I are like oil and water. We just don’t mix. In fact, during the last two major sporting events, I’ve apparently asked a few questions that have relatively obvious answers. I mean, come on. How was I supposed to know these things?!

Anyway, the point is not that I’m not a sports person, because that’s pretty obvious. The point is that despite my complete lack of knowledge regarding almost anything athletic at all, I still love getting together with our friends to hunker down in front of the television and watch a few hours of sweaty people running around, doing various things with various shaped balls. Why is that? The food.

When I lived in Pittsburgh, every single time I stepped foot inside of PNC Park to watch the Pirates play, what I looked forward to most was the pulled pork sandwich I’d get, topped with pierogies and served on a pretzel bun. When I lived in Philadelphia, any kind of sporting event usually involved a trip to Chickie’s and Pete’s. I always associate sports with food. Oops?

And there are some game-day go-tos, right? Buffalo chicken dip, chips and salsa, spinach artichoke dip, blah blah blah. Yawn. This year, I wanted to my signature game-day dish to be something different. Enter: Ugly Corn Dip. (Aptly named due to it’s pretty boring physical appearance.) It’s horribly unhealthy, and wonderfully delicious.

Ingredients: 1 can of yellow corn, drained / 2 cans of southwest corn, drained / 1 c. mayonnaise / 1 c. sour cream / 2 c. shredded cheese / green onions, chopped / tortilla chips.

Directions: Mix all ingredients together, serve with tortilla chips and enjoy!

Seriously. Must love corn.

PS – Shout out to my boyfriend, my dad and my two youngest brothers, who are the biggest, most intense sports-loving guys ever. Thanks for continuously trying to teach me how sports work. And also, sorry! Hehe.

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