Jam Packed Macaroon Macarons.

Each month, Martha Stewart’s Living magazine shows up in my mailbox, and I dive in, trying to live vicariously through the beautifully curated pages of this publication.

A few weeks ago, as I flipped through the pages of the Easter-focused issue, I stumbled upon the most interesting recipe I had seen in a while: the macaroon macaron.

One of my favorite desserts has always been the French macaron, and I am wild about coconut. Why wouldn’t I want to combine two of my favorite things into one dessert?!


Macaroon/Macaron Sandwich
What do you cross a macaroon with a macaron? A cookie that is truly magnifique. Choose tart fruit spreads—I used strawberry and blackberry—to balance the macaroons’ sweetness. 

2 large egg whites
3 tbsp. sugar
8 oz. flaked coconut
Pinch of salt
1/2 c. jam

Preheat your oven to 350F.

Whisk together the egg whites, sugar and salt until frothy, then stir in the coconut until moist. Drop tablespoon-size mounds onto parchment-lined baking sheets, and flatten with a fork.

Bake until golden, 13 to 15 minutes. Let cool completely.

Spread 1/2 teaspoon jam onto bottoms of half the cookies, then sandwich with remaining cookies. Enjoy!

(c) Marth Stewart Living, April 2018.

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