Bag Lady.

ImageI have never been a girl to go googly-eyed over a bag.  That is, until this past Thursday.  I was vacationing with the women in my family, and unfortunately, Mother Nature was not on our side.  Walking outside for more than five seconds left me absolutely drenched from head to toe.  Since soaking up the sun was obviously out of the question, we decided to do what we do best: shopping.  As I perused the racks of one of my favorite stores (South Moon Under), I saw it.  The most perfect summer bag.  With its neutral color palette and quiet metallic details, I knew this clutch had to be mine.  Like many women, I am guilty of over-packing.  At any given moment, you could find 10 writing utensils, 6 bobby pins, roughly $3.72 cents in loose change, and bonus cards that I never use floating around in the black hole known as my purse — but no longer!  The small size forces me to trim down to the essentials, while allowing me to stay on top of this summer’s hottest trends.  The best part?  A detachable chain shoulder strap allows this gem to be converted into a versatile cross body bag.  SCORE.  I’m in love.

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