Fall From A-Z.

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Easy as A, B, C: here are some of my favorite things for fall!

  • Wear your American pride on your sleeve with red, white & blue fashion pieces.  They’re in style even when it’s not the 4th of July.
  • School is back in session, but backpacks aren’t just for students.  Sport this trendy bag every day with plenty of room for all of your essentials.
  • Keep your outfit casual with a dash of camo.
  • See something you love?  With a little love and elbow grease, you can do it yourself.
  • Emerald is one of the most popular colors of the season.  You’ll be seeing it everywhere, so be sure to stock up on accessories or staple pieces in this color.
  • Grunge is huge for fall, so grab your boyfriend or brother’s flannel and you’ll be looking like a 90s babe in no time!
  • Metallics are always in style, but I’ve recently found myself in a committed relationship with gold.
  • Mix and match his & hers menswear for the hottest trend of the season.
  • Use Instagram for to show off pictures of your Pumpkin Spice Latte and the changing colors of the leaves.
  • Check out one of my favorite bloggers: www.sincerelyjules.com.
  • Cozy up with some casual hi-top kicks this fall.
  • It’s fall, and romance is in the air.  Keep the things you love close to your heart in a feminine locket.
  • The best toothpaste I’ve ever used: Marvis.
  • Experimenting with nail art is a subtle, yet fun way to accessorize an outfit, a season, or a mood.
  • After the age of 10, I never thought I would own a pair of overalls, but they are back, and better than ever.
  • The Yinzer in me can’t enough of those Pittsburgh Pirates!
  • Quiet time is always good for the soul, and this time of the year makes it easy to waste a day reading outside in the cool breeze.
  • Matte or glossy, red lips are here to stay.
  • This is my favorite time of year for the warm comfort of a Starbucks coffee.  Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone?
  • Turquoise has been and always will be my favorite gemstone.
  • Recently, I did a bridal photo shoot with some of the most talented women in Pittsburgh, one of the dresses I wore was by designer, UPoppy.
  • Make sure you check out my favorite vintage shop, Charlie Ford.
  • It’s always the right time for wine.
  • If ever there was a season that embodies xstreme sports, it’s fall.  Varsity jackets have quickly become popular, and don’t they just remind you of your high school days?  (Okay, so maybe those sports weren’t really extreme.)
  • The label formerly known as YSL delivered some of this fall’s most stunning runway looks.
  • It’s a zoo out there, so rock your zebra, leopard, and snakeskin prints like you’re the queen of the land.

Festival Fashion.

Festival fashion has been on the tip of every fashionista’s tongue this summer. I’m obviously a little late to the party, but tonight’s Mumford & Sons concert has put me in the spirit! Check out some of the best looks for the music-lover in you.

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PS: Take a peek at my favorite Mumford & Sons music video.

Sweetest Styles of the VMAs

I have to admit, I have never watched the VMAs.  In fact, these days, I generally write off anything that MTV produces as a waste of time.  Besides, I am way too emotionally invested in Breaking Bad, so I didn’t even consider swapping out an evening with Heisenberg to watch an awards show in honor of music videos I probably have never seen.  However, since the VMAs aired last night, every form of social media has been blowing up with chatter about a certain ex-Disney star, and a certain fabulous 90s boy band.  My interest piqued, so I watched a 20-minute recap of the show… and that was all I needed to affirm my decision not to tune in, but quite a few fabulous outfits caught my eye.  Check out some of my favorite looks.

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And let’s be honest.  The ‘NSync reunion made my inner-child jump with joy (even though I was always more of a Backstreet Boys fan).

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, made me cringe.  Oh, girl.


Hello, Poppy!

Poppy:  A wildly beautiful flower with a delightful red hue.  This color has been making its way into my wardrobe more and more this season, and I thought I’d share just what exactly I’ve been loving.


  1. This gorgeous pleated tote from Oasis.  Use as an everyday bag, or occasionally as an accessory to a basic outfit.
  2. Poppy Red Topshop nail polish.  And for those who may be wondering, the accent nail is definitely still in.
  3. Vibrant red orange lipgloss by Dolce & Gabbana.  It’s the perfect time of year for a bold and playful lip.
  4. A Dorothy Perkins hair bow.  There is nothing wrong with channeling your inner 6-year-old self.
  5. This Marc by Marc Jacobs Small Candy Turnlock bracelet.  Wear your heart, and this chunky accessory, on your sleeve.
  6. A striped beach hat from Loft.  A must for those lazy days spent on the boat.
  7. Comme des Garcons Red Eau de Toilette.  Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with smelling like the boys.  This is one of those times.
  8. This botanical statement necklace by Amrita Singh.  It’s not news that eye-catching  necklaces are in style right now, and this one is just lovely.
  9. Some curved arm sunglasses.  Okay, so maybe these are a little overboard, but have some fun with this colorful accessory.
  10. Kate Spade La Pavillion iPhone Case.  Techcessories need some love, too.

Summer is quickly fading into fall, but that doesn’t mean this color is fading out of style.   Poppy is here to stay.

Bag Lady.

ImageI have never been a girl to go googly-eyed over a bag.  That is, until this past Thursday.  I was vacationing with the women in my family, and unfortunately, Mother Nature was not on our side.  Walking outside for more than five seconds left me absolutely drenched from head to toe.  Since soaking up the sun was obviously out of the question, we decided to do what we do best: shopping.  As I perused the racks of one of my favorite stores (South Moon Under), I saw it.  The most perfect summer bag.  With its neutral color palette and quiet metallic details, I knew this clutch had to be mine.  Like many women, I am guilty of over-packing.  At any given moment, you could find 10 writing utensils, 6 bobby pins, roughly $3.72 cents in loose change, and bonus cards that I never use floating around in the black hole known as my purse — but no longer!  The small size forces me to trim down to the essentials, while allowing me to stay on top of this summer’s hottest trends.  The best part?  A detachable chain shoulder strap allows this gem to be converted into a versatile cross body bag.  SCORE.  I’m in love.