Hello, Poppy!

Poppy:  A wildly beautiful flower with a delightful red hue.  This color has been making its way into my wardrobe more and more this season, and I thought I’d share just what exactly I’ve been loving.


  1. This gorgeous pleated tote from Oasis.  Use as an everyday bag, or occasionally as an accessory to a basic outfit.
  2. Poppy Red Topshop nail polish.  And for those who may be wondering, the accent nail is definitely still in.
  3. Vibrant red orange lipgloss by Dolce & Gabbana.  It’s the perfect time of year for a bold and playful lip.
  4. A Dorothy Perkins hair bow.  There is nothing wrong with channeling your inner 6-year-old self.
  5. This Marc by Marc Jacobs Small Candy Turnlock bracelet.  Wear your heart, and this chunky accessory, on your sleeve.
  6. A striped beach hat from Loft.  A must for those lazy days spent on the boat.
  7. Comme des Garcons Red Eau de Toilette.  Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with smelling like the boys.  This is one of those times.
  8. This botanical statement necklace by Amrita Singh.  It’s not news that eye-catching  necklaces are in style right now, and this one is just lovely.
  9. Some curved arm sunglasses.  Okay, so maybe these are a little overboard, but have some fun with this colorful accessory.
  10. Kate Spade La Pavillion iPhone Case.  Techcessories need some love, too.

Summer is quickly fading into fall, but that doesn’t mean this color is fading out of style.   Poppy is here to stay.

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