10 Essentials for Summer: Living Room Edition.

Today, we’re rounding out the Summer Essentials series with a focus on what’s probably the most visible room in your home: the living room. Check out my favorites!

  • sea bliss Art Print. Shot with a drone off the coast of northern Portugal, this seascape is by English photographer Ingrid Beddoes, whose work celebrates travel, the sea + a love of all things simple. And who wouldn’t want to daydream about passing time in a place like this?! Click here for $10 off your purchase from Society 6!
  • Adelphi Planter. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: indoor plants (and lots of them!) are everything right now. I love this neutral planter with rose gold details to add dimension and height to your collection of houseplants!
  • Enamel Organic Shaped Tray. I love a good coffee table tray, and this tray is a really good one. Trays serve both a practical and stylish purpose in the living room by showcasing your favorite small finds (or, you know, more practical things like the 1,274 remotes you inevitably have), while also making them easily removable if you need to immediately clear the surface for an intense game of Settlers of Catan.
  • Waffle Weave Throw. This summer has been extra rainy, which has meant many  lazy days snuggled up on the couch watching hours upon hours of The Office. And a cozy waffle weave throw like this one makes those lazy days even better.
  • Teakwood & Tobacco Candle. This is my #1, top-notch, must-have, can’t-live-without-it, favorite scent of all time. With hints of black pepper, tobacco and berry, it’s a deep, calming scent that fills the room. And I can’t get enough of it.


  • Rattan-Wrapped Monogram Hooks. Our home is small, therefore we don’t have a formal entryway space – it’s just an extension of our living room. These hooks help keep the entryway essentials (think: purse, jackets, hats, etc.) organized and uncluttered, so that it doesn’t distract from the rest of the room!
  • Tall Stonewear Vase. I know, I know – two planters/vases in one post. But I love bringing nature inside, and I really love this vase to help you do that. It’s an unexpected color, and it’s tall, so it will add extra dimension to your space, whether you place it on an end table or on the floor. Hot tip? Pair it with these stems!
  • Google Home MiniI still find myself torn on the whole concept of these smart devices, and you better believe I keep having flashbacks of the 90s movie Smart House. But then I start whipping up a new recipe in the kitchen and my hands are full and I’m doing 12 things at once and I wish I could just tell Google to set a timer for 23 minutes. So, when I eventually cave in, you better believe I’ll choose something as bright and beautiful as this poppy colored version!
  • Velvet Tufted Floor Cushion. In another shocking turn of events, I’m suggesting something that’s velvet! I’m way into velvet. But floor pillows are functional, serving as extra comfy seating for a casual game night! And, of course, the cats love them as much as I do.
  • Salvaged Wood Corner Shelf. Last, but certainly not least, are these shelves – and I am hype about them! I just ordered them for myself over the weekend, and I can’t wait for them to arrive! We have so many bland corners in our home – behind our media center and TV, behind the lamp/chair area in the corner, etc. – but these tiny things pack a big punch and can truly maximize the functionality and look of your space!

What are you go-to items for sprucing up your spaces for the season? Comment below – I’d love to see you’re up to!

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